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Favorite Theater Songs: Part 1

There are so many theater songs that I love, and I want to share them with you. So, from time to time I'll do a post containing some of my favorite theater songs. These are not in any particular order, as I'm not really able to rank my favorite songs. But, these are some of the ones that happen to be catching my attention right now. I've also tried to combine different types and styles of songs to make it an interesting list. So, here we go!

"Emma the Red"–– Yo, Vikings! by Sam Willmott and Marcus Stevens This is a fun song I came across. I haven't had the opportunity to see this show, but I think this song is delightful. It is a superb example of an "I Want" song, the musical theater term for the song a character sings to explain what they well, want. Anyway, this song really does a great job of developing this character, 10 year old Emma, and what she wants, which is to be a viking. Plus it's got a beautiful, catchy melody, and lot's of inn…

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